ANTENNAS, omnidirectional, Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13, Application external, Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA (male), The main frequency range (GHz) 2.4, Gain (dBi) 13, Support MIMO Yes, Polarization dual-polarization, Sensor Type R, Port mFi RJ45 D1 Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13, buy, compare prices , reviews and delivery . Best Online Shop networking for all

Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13

NETSODISANTENNASomnidirectional → Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13
Access Point Ubiquiti UAP-Outdoor-5
Product Code: 332
from 108.33 €
UBNT UniFi AP Outdoor-5 , outdoor accesspoint MIMO 5GHz
The main frequency range (GHz): 5, Data transfer rate (Mbit/s): 300, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 2, Antenna: external, Connectors for antennas: 2x RP-SMA, Gain (dBi): 27, Wireless standarts: 802.11a|n
Access Point Ubiquiti UniFi  AP AC Outdoor
Product Code: 315
from 398.4 €
UBNT UniFi AP AC Outdoor, indoor accesspoint MIMO 2,4GHz
The main frequency range (GHz): 2.4, Data transfer rate (Mbit/s): 300, Transmit Power (dBm): 27, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 2, Antenna: external, Connectors for antennas: 2x RP-SMA, Gain (dBi): 3, Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n, Operation mode: AP Mode|AP Repeater|Station|Station WDS|WDS AP
Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-5G13
Product Code: 59
from 140.69 €
UBNT Dual Omni antenna AirMax MIMO 5GHz, 13dBi, rocket kit
Application: external, Connectors for antennas: 1x RP-SMA (male), The main frequency range (GHz): 5, Gain (dBi): 13, Support MIMO: Yes, Polarization: dual-polarization
  • Omnidirectional antenna Ubiquiti AMO-2G13
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UBNT Dual Omni antenna AirMax MIMO 2,4GHz, 13dBi, rocket kit



Omni AirMax 2G13

The Omni AirMax 2G13 is very similar to Omni AirMax 2G10 but with a better survivability rate during strong winds. The same technologies and applications that make the latter work seamlessly are also found in Omni AirMax 2G13.

Ease of Control

Managing or controlling the Omni AirMax 2G13 is very easy, thanks to the integration of reliable and well-designed software. The AirOS is intuitive, so it doesn’t require any training to operate. It allows you to determine protocol support, AAP technology, and channelization. It also works in multiple languages. The AirView, meanwhile, analyzes noise signals and determine patterns for a more dependable network design.

Incredible Antenna

The Omni Airmax 2G13 has a dual polarity MIMO technology, so you can connect whichever way you prefer without affecting the quality and impact of the signal you can broadcast. As a MIMO technology, the connection can now be easily shared among multiple devices and networks, even if they are not found within the same building (though at a specified distance). The ominidirectional system creates uniformity of the broadcast while its attachment to the Rocket M radio allows you to create a 360-degree base station with the radio considered the head of everything. To attach this to the radio, you can use the accompanying bracket and universal pole mount.

Durability and Survivability

When you’re dealing with an outdoor device, it is essential that it works not only during the summer or when there’s steady wind but also when the weather turns harsher. If you don’t want the strong Internet signal to be cut regardless of the weather, you can use Omni Airmax 2G13, which has a wind load of up 10 16lb at 100 mph and a survivability of up to 125 mph, which means it can withstand hurricanes. You can further enhance the protection by complementing it with TOUGHCable. When used, you can greatly reduce ESD or electrostatic issues, which can cause device failures.


Properties Features
Application external
Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA (male)
The main frequency range (GHz) 2.4
Gain (dBi) 13
Support MIMO Yes
Polarization dual-polarization

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