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connectors & pigtails RF

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Product Code: 869
from 2.47 €
N-female to U.FL/IPAX/ pigtail for StationBox ALU, cable length 300mm, O-ring
Product Code: 879
from 3.96 €
RJ45 Waterproof Connector - grounded
Product Code: 871
from 2.87 €
MMCX to SMA R-P Bulkhead pigtail for StationBox Mikro and InSpot, 150mm, RG178U
Product Code: 857
from 1.58 €
MMCX to MMCX pigtail for StationBox XL Mikro and Classic, cable length 140mm, RG174U
Product Code: 858
from 1.67 €
MMCX to MMCX pigtail for StationBox XL, cable length 250mm, cable type RG174U
OEMMMCX Pigtail Mikrotik
Product Code: 708
from 2.45 €
MMCX-Nfemale pigtail, OEM version (doesn't fit MikroTik enclosures)
Product Code: 870
from 2.47 €
N-female to MMCX pigtail for StationBox ALU, cable length 300mm, O-ring
ACUFL Pigtail Mikrotik
Product Code: 706
from 2.64 €
uFl to Nfemale pigtail, fits R52H, R11e-2HnD
ACMMCXRPSMA Pigtail Mikrotik
Product Code: 780
from 3.92 €
MMCX-RPSMA pigtail
ACMMCX Pigtail Mikrotik
Product Code: 707
from 3.92 €
MMCX to NFemale pigtail
ACRPSMA Pigteil Mikrotik
Product Code: 781
from 5.88 €
Flex-guide (RPSMA to RPSMA cable 500mm)

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