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Access Point Ubiquiti PicoStation2

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Ubiquiti PicoStation2 2.4GHz, PICO2



PicoStation 2

Make no mistake: PicoStation 2 may look very small compared to other wireless networking devices ever produced by Ubiquiti Network, but this is just as impressive. In fact, it can beat any access point by a mile. This unit is dubbed as the smallest access point in the world, which makes it highly versatile and portable. This allows you to be on the move and ensure that you can still enjoy a very steady and reliable wireless Internet connection. Hopping on a boat? Sharing connection with the rest of your neighborhood or campus? This is one access point that will truly satisfy you.

Easy on the Pocket

The PicoStation 2 is loaded with a lot of incredible features, from its form factor to its reach. Nevertheless, it doesn’t break the bank. Like the other wireless equipment from Ubiquiti Network, this one is comfortable on the pocket. For an affordable price, you can already have a weather-resistant outdoor access point that comes with an 8MB NAND Flash support and a 32MB RAM. It’s also fitted with an MIPS 4KC Atheros chipset with a clock speed of 180 MHz and a single Ethernet interface. It supports passive Ethernet (PoE) power connection, so you’ll deal with fewer wires and maximize the power output. It is RoHS compliant and includes an omnidirectional antenna, so it gets to pick up signals in 360 degrees.

Extensive Reach

The access point has an output of 1,000 mW max, which means it’s able to transmit and receive signals from extremely long distances. This is why it’s able to cover broader areas, and the wireless signal goes through different barriers, such as walls, ceilings, floors, and trees. It’s fully supported with AirOS as well.

LSDK Support

PicoStation 2 isn’t only flexible, affordable, and scalable, but it’s also customizable, as you can reconfigure or redevelop it depending on your networking needs through its LSDK support.


Properties Features
The main frequency range (GHz) 2.4
Transmit Power (dBm) 23
Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1
Antenna external
Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA
Gain (dBi) 6
Wireless standarts 802.11b|g
Operation mode AP Mode|Station|Station WDS|WDS AP

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