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Access Point Ubiquiti NanoBridge M9

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UBNT NanoBridge M9, antenna 2x 11dBi, outdoor client MIMO 900MHz, AirMax Station


l discharge such as when there’s lightning doesn’t do any damage to NanoBridge M9, especially to its vital components like the core processor. The feature extends the life span of the device.


The NanoBridge M9 is a compact networking solution that doesn't occupy a lot of space. This makes the device more manageable and easier to maintain. You also don’t need to worry about the physical setup.

Long Range

The NanoBridge M9 has a long range of more than 20 kilometers because of its high gain of 11dBi. The superior Internet speed is currently clocked at 900MHz. Moreover, the accompanying antenna boasts of comprehensive MIMO technology.

Reliable Internet

The device is fitted with Atheros MIPS 24KC at 400MHz, 64MB SDRAM, as well as 8MB Flash. All these components maintain the speed of the Internet at 150 mbps, allowing users across different networks to perform different Internet activities such as e-mailing, browsing, and streaming media.


The NanoBridge M9 is paired with software called AirOS, which speeds up the management process of the device. You can now change and monitor its functions and settings remotely. The software is easy to use and quick to understand.



Processor Specs: Atheros MIPS 24KC, 400 MHz
Memory: 64MB SDRAM, 8MB Flash
Networking Interface: 1x 10/100 Ethernet Port
Operating Frequency: 902-928 MHz
Operation mode: AP, Client, WDS
Encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA2
Wireless transmission speed: up to 300 Mbps
Gain: 10.6 - 11.3 dBi
Polarization: Dual Linear
Max. Power Consumption: 6.5 Watts
Max.output power: 28 dBm
Sensitivity: -96 dBm
Dimensions: 543 x 440 x 725 mm
Weight: 1310 g
Power Supply (PoE): 24V, 1A
Power Method: Passive Power over Ethernet (pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8 return)
Enclosure Characteristics: Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
Mounting: Pole Mounting Kit Included
Operating Temperature: -30 ‒ 75° C
Operating Humidity: 5 - 95%
Supported OS: AirOS
Default IP:
Default name: ubnt
Default password: ubnt


Properties Features
The main frequency range (GHz) 0.9
Transmit Power (dBm) 28
Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1
Antenna external
Connectors for antennas No
Gain (dBi) 11
Operation mode AP Mode|AP Repeater|Station|Station WDS|WDS AP

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