Access point, solutions AirMax , Access Point Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 HP 27dBi, The main frequency range (GHz) 5, Data transfer rate (Mbit/s) 100, Transmit Power (dBm) 25, Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1, Antenna internal, Connectors for antennas No, Gain (dBi) 27, Wireless standarts 802.11a|n, Operation mode AP Mode|AP Repeater|Station|Station WDS|WDS AP Access Point Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 HP 27dBi, buy, compare prices , reviews and delivery . Best Online Shop networking for all

Access Point Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 HP 27dBi

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Antenna SA 700/1
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Antenna: offset, Antenna diameter, mm: 724x654, Material of reflector: Steel, Frequency range, GHz: 10.7-12.75, Gain (dBi): 35-40, Focal length (F), mm: 312, F/D ratio: 0.52, Operational wind, mps: 25, Cover: Polyester powder coating (matt), Weight: 3.9 kg
  • Access Point Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 HP 27dBi
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UBNT AirGrid M5 HP, ant.27dBi (1xReflector,1xGrid,1xPoE),MIMO 5GHz, AirMax Station



AirGrid M5 27dBi

Enhance CPE-centric network solutions with something that’s within your reach: AirGrid M5.


One of the biggest advantages of AirGrid M5 is its price. It provides an excellent value for money. Even if it’s a low-cost solution, it promotes impeccable Internet performance as it has a very far range or reach and superior throughput. It also comes with the AirOS software and technology that makes management of it very easy.

Great Antenna Technology

The AirGrid M5 has an excellent antenna technology. It combines the work of a regular antenna as well as radio system, so you get more of what you can pick up and receive a lot too. Moreover, it spares you the need of spending for extra technologies such as those related to radio systems. The outdoor device also broadcasts 100+ mbps of Internet throughput that has a range of around 30+ kilometers.


The device also makes use of the TDMA protocol of AirMax, which gives it a large room for scalability. You can now determine and manage not only the throughput but also latency, among other things. In fact this makes the AirGrid M5 able to work on more than a hundred devices all at one time. It is also compatible with various Ubiquiti Network products, allowing you to conveniently enhance or downgrade your network whenever necessary.

Robust Design

As an outdoor device, the AirGrid M5 is made from some of the most durable materials in the market. It also incorporates LEDs that let you keep track of its real-time status easily. The RF jumpers are weatherproof while the Ethernet interface has an ESD protection that ensures the device is unharmed when there’s a sudden increase of electric output (such as when it’s struck by lightning). The AirGrid M5 can surely be of great use even in the harshest weathers.


Properties Features
The main frequency range (GHz) 5
Data transfer rate (Mbit/s) 100
Transmit Power (dBm) 25
Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1
Antenna internal
Connectors for antennas No
Gain (dBi) 27
Wireless standarts 802.11a|n
Operation mode AP Mode|AP Repeater|Station|Station WDS|WDS AP

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