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APC 2Mi Access Point LigoWave

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500 mW, 802.11 b/g+ n Indoor AP


The APC 2Mi is a small, but robust and high performance 2.4 GHz indoor access point. This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 30 dBm) 802.11n MIMO radio which allows communicating effectively with an older 802.11b/g equipment together with latest standards based wireless indoor access points. The APC 2Mi is coupled with an advanced and feature-rich operating system which allows the product to operate as an access point or as a station, also act as bridge or as router.

The robust software engine running on the APC 2Mi provides a user-friendly Adobe Flex - based GUI with instant changes, includes useful installation tools (Site survey, Antenna alignment, Delayed reboot, spectrum analyzer) and also is compatible with Wireless Network Management System for one of the most advanced management tools on the market.



WNMS - managing and monitoring your networks on the cloud
All Deliberant APC series devices can be managed and monitored using WNMS (Wireless Network Management System). A single software solution simplifies a large number of tasks for network administrators. WNMS Cloud version is available for those who are not willing to run it on an in-house servers.


Properties Features
The main frequency range (GHz) 2.4
Data transfer rate (Mbit/s) 300
Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1
Antenna external
Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA
Gain (dBi) 3
Wireless standarts 802.11b|g|n
Operation mode APC Indoor Series

Product specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice.


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