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We offer various ways to make purchases, you can choose the method that is most comfortable for you. You can also offer your method of payment.
Warning! WE WILL accept payment only in dollar or euro.
Payment in cash upon receipt of goods
You can pay for the goods ordered by cash on delivery to our office or to pay the courier at the time of delivery to the specified address
Bank debit and credit cards
Bank Card - a plastic card attached to one or more current accounts at the bank. It is used to pay for goods and services, including via the Internet, as well as cash withdrawals.
We accept payment cards of any bank.Your card must be suitable for online payments, and to have a sufficient balance to pay for the limit.
PayPal - the largest debit electronic payment system. It allows customers to pay bills and purchase, send and receive remittances. In the case of purchases PayPal is the most important feature to provide security guarantees for both the buyer and seller.
Skrill- electronic payment system that allows you to send and receive money using only an email address. Users can send money from a credit or debit card and transfer money from a bank account in most countries.
WebMoney Transfer
WebMoney Transfer - an electronic settlement system, established in 1998. The legal system is a transfer (transfer) of property rights, registration of which is carried out by special units of account - "title signs", nominated in relation to different currencies and gold.
Bank transfer
Bank Transfer - a cashless form of payment for services. You transfer funds to our bank account at a bank in a convenient for you currency (euro or dollar).
If you are an individual:
You can print an invoice from the site by filling in all the forms and fields after the order and payment by VAT (you can choose the payment without VAT, then you must enter a VAT number).For the correct formation account you must specify the name of the payer, his exact address, phone number with country code, e-mail address and VAT number.It is also necessary to fill in the delivery form: specify the name of the recipient, accurate shipping address, country, contact phone number with country code.Shipping cost is calculated individually depending on the time of delivery, taking into account rates of the carrier company. The calculation of the cost of delivery is carried out and the manager agreed with the customer.
We can deliver your order anywhere in Europe by our transport. You can also offer your delivery option.
Created online account you can pay at any bank.
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