ANTENNAS, parabolic, Dish antenna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX RSMA + 2x JR-300 bundle, Application external, Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA, The main frequency range (GHz) 5, Support MIMO No, Polarization horizontal or vertical, Sensor Type R, Port mFi RJ45 D1 Dish antenna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX RSMA + 2x JR-300 bundle, buy, compare prices , reviews and delivery . Best Online Shop networking for all

Dish antenna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX RSMA + 2x JR-300 bundle

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  • Dish antenna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX RSMA + 2x JR-300 bundle
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Dish antenna Jirous JRC-29 DuplEX RSMA + 2x JR-300 bundle



  • dual-polarized antenna, horizontal and vertical polarization
  • the highest isolation! 53 dB
  • only 1 antenna instead 2 save money for mast!
  • extra high front to back ratio
  • metallic collar assures increased isolation between antenna on mast = lower interference between links
  • direction links for long and medium distance, also short in difficult conditions
  • setting elevation (of gradient) and azimuth has independent adjustment
  • VSWR and isolation are measured during the manufacture of every piece
  • outdoor usage
  • you can count attainable distance from section of calculation
  • radom (plastic parabola cover) for each antenna free!
Technical parameters
Frequency range 5,45 - 5,9 GHz
Gain 28,6 ±0,6dBi
VSWR ≤ 1,5
Isolation between connectors 53dB (≥45dB)
Front to back ratio ≥ 43 dB
Beamwidth-3 dB 5,8°
Connector N - Female - JRC-29DuplEX
Polarization linear, horizontal and vertical
Parabola ø 65 cm
aluminium alloy with baking colour
Cover UV steady plastic ABS
Instalation for mast ø 27 - 74 mm

The radiator is internally treated by high frequency technology "Hydrophobic coating" which increases resistance against humidity.


Recommended accessories:
GentleBOX JR-300


Technical parameters:
Material UV steady plastic ABS, Polyamide
Instalation for all parabolic antennas of JRC-xx series including DuplEX
Ready for 8 cable glands 4x Pg11, 4x M20


  • GentleBOX JR-300 is an ideal box for installation of electronics for the series parabolic antennas JRC-xx

  • GentleBOX is inclusive outdoor box for AP, RouterBOARDs and other electronics which contains unique system of the grooves and holes for easy installation of the most common types of the routerboards
  • Easy installation without drilling. You require 1 flat and 2 cross-shaped (PH1 and PH2) screwdrivers for complete installation



  • The package includes cable gland, which is secured against spinning by specially molded retaining lines

  • GentleBOX is prearranged for simplified mounting of RB411, RB433, RB800, ALIX2, ALIX3, Compex, Wispstation and Rocket M2 and M5 with GentleCLIP


Properties Features
Application external
Connectors for antennas 1x RP-SMA
The main frequency range (GHz) 5
Support MIMO No
Polarization horizontal or vertical

Product specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice.


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