Lose tube, armored cable, OCLAc-4-DA(2,7)P-6*4E1-0,36F3,5/0,22N18-24/0, Number of fibers 24, Tensile strength (kN) 2.7, Corrugated laminated steel tape Yes, Dielectric-Fiber reinforced plastic Yes, Aramid yarns Yes, VAT Incl. (0%) VAT Incl. (20%) OCLAc-4-DA(2,7)P-6*4E1-0,36F3,5/0,22N18-24/0, buy, compare prices , reviews and delivery . Best Online Shop networking for all


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NETSODISOPTIC CABLELose tubearmored cable → OCLAc-4-DA(2,7)P-6*4E1-0,36F3,5/0,22N18-24/0
  • OCLAc-4-DA(2,7)P-6*4E1-0,36F3,5/0,22N18-24/0
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Armored fiber optic cable outside plant with a polyethylene sheath. Structure - six tapes on 4 fibers


The OCLAc  Cable ¡s designed for installation in cable ducts, tubes, blocks, in grounds of all categories Including highly corrosive grounds, in areas Infected by rodents and through swamps, lakes, non-floated and Innavigable rivers up to 15 m deep, excluding areas subjected to freezing and other deformations. Structure - six tapes on 4 fibers.




  1. Central Strength Member - Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  2. Optic Fibers UV Colored
  3. Lose Tubes Gel-Filled. All tubes have colour Identification
  4. Dummy (by request - 2, 4 or 8 Insulated copper conductors)
  5. Core Flooding - Thixotropic Water-Blocking Jelly
  6. Core Covering - Binder Yarns and Wrapping Tape
  7. Peripheral Strength Member - Aramid/Glass yarns
  8. Inner Sheath - Polyethylene
  9. Armoring - Corrugated laminated steel tape
  10. Outer Sheath - Polyethylene




  • Polyethylene moisture barrier inner sheath
  • "Dry" design
  • No peripheral strength member
  • Single jacket
  • Special termite resistant sheath
  • The sheath of OCLAc-N cable:
  • Flame-retardant PVC;
  • Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant compound (LSZH)


Properties Features
Number of fibers 24
Tensile strength (kN) 2.7
Corrugated laminated steel tape Yes
Dielectric-Fiber reinforced plastic Yes
Aramid yarns Yes

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