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Cover for antenna Ubiquiti RAD-3RD

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UBNT Radome for 3 RocketDish 34dBi



Radome 3

Worried about the antenna? If you’re using a RocketDish 5G34, you can buy a Radome 3.

Improve the Longevity

Most of the products developed by Ubiquiti Network are meant for the outdoors—that is, they’ve been cut out to survive for a considerable length of time outside where they are exposed to various environmental elements such as dust. That doesn’t mean, however, you cannot do anything in order to further improve its life span. You can invest on Radome 3 for that. The Radome 3 helps reduce the wind load so the antenna remains steady even if there’s a storm or a blizzard. The dome is made from some of the finest industrial-grade materials so they are not easily knocked out and are capable of fighting off strong UV rays and heavy rain and snow.

Hide from the Prying Eyes

The incidence of theft has dramatically risen over the years. Though there are still many who burgle houses and establishments, there’s a new trend out there: thieves are now eyeing various technologies such as mobile phones, laptops, and tablets—anything that are very visible. Your very own RocketDish or antenna can be one of them because of the high demand for such product.

With the dish and the antenna, you’re not simply buying an equipment, but you’re making an investment that you should learn to protect. The Radome 3 ensures that by fully enclosing the unit, seeing to it that it’s away from the eyes of a thief.

Fast Installation and Integration

The Radome 3 is very easy to mix into your existing wireless network. It is fully compatible with any RocketDish 5G34 antenna that you have. The antenna, meanwhile, may be connected to a Rocket M. The dome doesn’t interfere with the receipt or transmission of Internet signal. It simply protects. The installation process is simple and fast.


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