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IP phone

Headset Bracket
Product Code: 1093
from 1.06 €
Headset Bracket for CC800 Call center IP Phone
Application: IP PHONES
Wall mounted stand
Product Code: 1761
from 2.55 €
Wall mounted stand, support U3&U2, support USA standard
Power Adapter AD-200
Product Code: 615
from 3.73 €
Power Adapter AD-200
Application: IP PHONES, Output voltage (V): 5 V, Electric current (А): 1.1 A
Power Adapter AD-300
Product Code: 616
from 3.73 €
Power Adapter AD-300
Application: IP PHONES, Output voltage (V): 12 V, Electric current (А): 1.1 A
UniBT Bluetooth Dongle
Product Code: 1758
from 15.32 €
Support all the models except U1, Plug & play, support blue tooth 4.0 and 10 m range
Headset ESH12
Product Code: 613
from 19.15 €
Unilateral Wired Earpieces with QD wire, Outstanding sound quality, Flexible adjusting, Anti-noise microphone, Softly Artificial Leather headset set.
Application: IP PHONES
Bluetooth Wireless Headset Module BWM36
Product Code: 1094
from 20.22 €
Bluetooth &EHS wireless headset module. The module can connect to the USB interface which is at the back of the phone (ES/GS320 ES/GS330 ES/GS410 and ES/GS620), providing Bluetooth, Wireless Headset Adapter and USB_5V Power Charger function. Support plug and play.
UniWIFI WiFi Dongle
Product Code: 1759
from 37.03 €
5.8G WIFI Dongle Support all the models except U1, Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac, Plug & play
Extension Module Zycoo CEP-26
Product Code: 759
from 51.07 €
Extension Module Zycoo CEP-26
Number of programmable keys: 26
Expansion Module ESM32
Product Code: 614
from 53.2 €
Expansion Module ESM32
Application: IP PHONES
USM18-LCD Expansion module
Product Code: 1760
from 75.33 €
LCD Expansion Module 4.5inch 480x854 color display, 2 page paperless programmable keys, 18 keys each page with a three-colour LED, Daisy-chain 2 modules for 72 programmable keys, Support U6S

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