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IP Phone system CooVox-U50

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2FXOS Module
Product Code: 619
from 87.05 €
Zycoo 2FXOS Module
Application: PBX, Ports FXO: 2, Ports FXS: 2, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
2GSM module
Product Code: 623
from 137.94 €
Zycoo 2GSM module
Application: PBX, Ports GSM: 2, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
32 EM (Echo Cancellation Module)
Product Code: 624
from 199.6 €
Zycoo 32 EM (Echo Cancellation Module)
Application: PBX, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
4BRI module
Product Code: 620
from 112.34 €
Zycoo 4BRI module
Application: PBX, Ports BRI: 4, Support models: CooVox-U80| CooVox-U100
4FXO Module
Product Code: 618
from 83.39 €
Zycoo 4FXO Module
Application: PBX, Ports FXO: 4, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
4FXS Module
Product Code: 617
from 78.38 €
Zycoo 4FXS Module
Application: PBX, Ports FXS: 4, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
4GSM module
Product Code: 625
from 250.8 €
Zycoo 4GSM module
Application: PBX, Ports GSM: 4, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
ES205-N IP-phone Escene
Product Code: 1065
from 27.66 €
2 Lines Entry Level IP Phone, 128*64 graphic LCD,2 sip accounts, hot line, HD Voice, Multilanguage, 4 programmable keys, Without POE
Screen: 128х64 graphic LCD, The number of SIP-accounts: 2, Number of programmable keys: 4, Support POE: No
HS108-PN Hotel IP phone Escene
Product Code: 611
from 30.86 €
SLIM IP Phone, HD Voice, PoE, IP address to Speech, Beautiful design
Screen: -, The number of SIP-accounts: 1, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1, Number of programmable keys: -, Support expansion modules: -, Support POE: Yes, Handset interface: No
Product Code: 1752
from 88.1 €
2.8 inch 320x240 color display, 6 SIP accounts, 30 paperless programmable keys, 2 Gigabit ports, 1 USB, RJ9 Headset, adjustable bracket, HD Voice, Built-in POE and Blue tooth, EHS, wall mountable (need a stand), support EP+, up to 2000 entries phone book
Screen: 320х240 color LCD, The number of SIP-accounts: 6, Ports 10/100/1000 Ethernet: 2, Support POE: Yes, USB: 1, Number of programmable keys: 30, Support expansion modules: No
UMTS module
Product Code: 622
from 125.4 €
Zycoo UMTS module
Application: PBX, Support models: CooVox-U50| CooVox-U100
WS290-N WIFI IP-phone Escene
Product Code: 1089
from 65.97 €
2 Lines Professional WIFI IP Phone, 132*64 graphic LCD, 2 line 2 SIP accounts,
Screen: 132х64 graphic LCD, The number of SIP-accounts: 2, Mount type: wall-mounted
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IP Phone system CooVox-U50 is the next generation IP PBX for companies up to 100 users and up to 20 concurrent calls.


CooVox-U50 IP Phone system is the ideal solution for SMBs with up to 100 extensions. Adopting an innovative modular design, means it is very convenient to add telephony ports to expand the Phone system. CooVox-U50 supports industry standard SIP trunks as well as analog PSTN trunks(FXO module), mobile GSM trunks(GSM module), analog stations (FXS module), as well as digital trunks (E1/T1 module).


CooVox-U50 is a next-generation Hybrid IP PBX system designed and optimized for today's business telecommunication needs.


CooVox-U50 is an affordable, scalable, interoperable, secure and reliable solution which not only provides traditional PBX functions such as automated attendant and voicemail, but also many advanced features including remote extensions, remote office connection, conference bridge, call recording, call detail records (CDR), automatic call distribution (ACD), unified messaging (voice mail to email), and many more features.




Black List

BLF (Busy Lamp Field)

CDR (Call Detailed Record)

Conference Room (3 Rooms)

Call Monitoring

DID (Direct Inward Dialing Number)

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)

Distinctive Ringtone DND (Do Not Disturb)

DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service)

Feature Codes

FOP (Flash Operation Panel) Status Monitoring

Follow Me

IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)

Mobility Extension

Multi-Language Prompts

Multi-Language GUI

One Touch Recording

Phone Book

Phone Provisioning

Pin Set

Record File Download


SIP Register with UDP/TCP/TLS

SIP Trunk

Skype for SIP

Smart DID

Speed Dial


SRTP (Secure Realtime Transport Protocol)

T.38 Fax (Pass-through)

Time Based Rule

Virtual Fax

Voicemail & Voicemail to Email




Hardware Interfaces


1 Reset Button

1 Power Interface

1 Ethernet Interface

1 Console Interface

1 USB Interface

1 Hardware Echo Cancellation Interfaces (Onboard)

1 UMTS Interface for 3G Data (Onboard)

Slot 1 for ZYCOO Analog/GSM/PRI/BRI Module

Slot 2 for ZYCOO Analog/GSM Module


Hardware Specifications


Processor: DualCore 500Mhz DSP


Storage: 4GB SD Card

Power Supply: Input AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz; Output DC 12V/1A




Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 55°C

Humidity: 5 ~ 95% Non-condensing


Applicable Modules


4 FXO Module

4 FXS Module

2 FXOS Module

2 GSM Module

4 GSM Module

4 BRI Module

32EM Module

1 UMTS (3G)


Properties Features
CPU (MHz) 500
Memory (MB) 256
Slot SD-Card 4 Gb
Ports 10/100 Ethernet 1
Amount MiniPCI slots 2
Support expansion modules 1 GSM|UMTS
Antenna GSM (rp-sma male)
Console 1

Product specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice.


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