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Motion senzor Ubiquiti mFi-MSC
Product Code: 1238
from 35.52 €
UBNT mFi motion senzor (Ceiling mount)
Sensor Type: Motion, Mount type: Ceiling
Ubiquiti mPower-Pro
Product Code: 1247
from 84.65 €
UBNT mFi mPower, 6 sockets EU, Wifi
Number of Outlets: 6, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1, Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n, Memory (MB): 16
Mount Ubiquiti NBE-WMK
Product Code: 1267
from 1.77 €
UBNT wall holder for NBE-M5-16 and NBE-M5-19
Ubiquiti SP-307
Product Code: 1359
from 3.73 €
Strapping tape for bundling cables into a single bundle
The antenna mount Ubiquiti NanoMount
Product Code: 399
from 5.49 €
UBNT NanoMount
The antenna mount Ubiquiti UB-AM
Product Code: 398
from 7.47 €
UBNT Universal antenna holder for all NanoStation and LocoStation
Door Sensor Ubiquiti mFi-DS
Product Code: 1230
from 7.24 €
UBNT mFi Door Sensor
Sensor Type: Contact, Mount type: Door/Window
Ubiquiti ETH-SP
Product Code: 1221
from 10.6 €
Ethernet Surge Protector
Current Sensor Ubiquiti mFi-CS
Product Code: 1225
from 11.5 €
UBNT mFi current Sensor (ammeter)
Electric current (А): 0 to 100, Weight: 50g, Material: Ferrite, Sensor Type: Current, Mount type: Electrical Wire
Cover for antenna Ubiquit PBE-RAD-400
Product Code: 1274
from 11.6 €
UBNT Radom for PowerBeam / NanoBeamM - 400mm
The antenna mount Ubiquiti NanoStation-WM
Product Code: 400
from 20.28 €
UBNT window or wall holder for NanoStation
Temperature Sensor Ubiquiti mFi-THS
Product Code: 1240
from 19.91 €
UBNT mFi Temperature Sensor
Sensor Type: Temperature, Mount type: Wall, Port mFi RJ45: 1
Ubiquiti UVC-Pro-C
Product Code: 1258
from 20.07 €
UBNT UVC-Pro-C - cable accessory for UVC-PRO
Motion senzor Ubiquiti mFi-MSW
Product Code: 1239
from 25.27 €
UBNT mFi motion senzor (wallmount)
Sensor Type: Motion, Mount type: Wall, Port mFi RJ45: 1
Dish for antenna Ubiquiti 3.5GHz
Product Code: 397
from 26.3 €
Dish for antenna Ubiquiti 3.5GHz
The antenna mount Ubiquiti PAK-620
Product Code: 1377
from 39.75 €
UBNT PAK-620 Precision Alignment Kit, 620mm (for RD-5G30-LW, AF-5G30-S45, PBE-5AC-620, PBE-M5-620)
Ubiquiti AirFiber 5G-OMT-S45
Product Code: 1208
from 30.4 €
UBNT airFiber OMT RD Conversion Kit, Slant 45
Ubiquiti mPower-Mini
Product Code: 1246
from 34.12 €
UBNT mFi mPower, 1 socket EU, Wifi
Number of Outlets: 1, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1, Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n, Memory (MB): 16
Ubiquiti UVC-Pro-M
Product Code: 1259
from 34.14 €
UBNT UVC-Pro-M - large pole-mount accessory for one or two UVC-Pro
Cover for antenna Ubiquiti RAD-2RD
Product Code: 395
from 49.99 €
UBNT Radome for 2 RocketDish 30dBi
Ubiquiti mPower
Product Code: 1245
from 51.92 €
UBNT mFi mPower, 3 sockets EU, Wifi
Number of Outlets: 3, Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n, Memory (MB): 16, Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1
Switch/Dimmer + WIFI Ubiquiti mFi-LD
Product Code: 1234
from 53.5 €
The mFi In-Wall Outlet and Switch/Dimmer can be managed by the mFi Controller software and configured to operate on a schedule with customizable power on/off rules.
Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n, Electric current (А): 15
Ubiquiti mPort
Product Code: 1243
from 66.37 €
UBNT mFi mPort (Output RJ45)
Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1, Port mFi RJ45: 2, Antenna: Internal, Wireless standarts: 802.11 b|g|n
Ubiquiti ISO-BEAM-620
Product Code: 1220
from 69.82 €
Isolator ring, PowerBeam 620
Ubiquiti mPort-S
Product Code: 1244
from 82.31 €
UBNT mFi mPort (Output RS232)
Ports 10/100 Ethernet: 1, Antenna: Internal, Antenna: External, Wireless standarts: 802.11b|g|n
Cover for antenna Ubiquiti RAD-3RD
Product Code: 396
from 86.88 €
UBNT Radome for 3 RocketDish 34dBi

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